Cisco Live Barcelona

For Cisco’s event in Barcelona, I worked with the team at Left Field Labs as the creative tech lead to help plan, orchestrate, and execute an immersive installation that connected a realtime 3D game world, a large physical podium that users could rotate to play, and a connected light array above the users that reacted as they played the game.

Visitors pulled and released a lever on the podium to launch connections in the game, and as they rotated the podium, the screen updated in realtime to represent the view into the virtual world. The lighting system reacted to game events, and represented the rotation of the podium below.

Throughout the project I helped to plan the experience with the client, guided the technical approach, developed RFPs and chose vendors for the physical elements, lighting array, and software development, and coordinated communication between all groups. In addition to the main interactive experience, I managed the execution of the technical elements in the space overall.