Mercedes AMG Power Wall

I directed the prototype development of this award winning installation for Mercedes AMG dealerships. Throughout the production cycle, I worked closely with multiple teams including 3D artists, developers, and designers to flesh out the experience and make it ready for presentation to attendees at the 2016 Mercedes dealer conference.  From concept to completion, I collaborated with executives at Mercedes to deliver a product that fulfilled their vision while pushing the boundaries of available hardware and software technologies.

Due to the size of the main display, realtime 3D content must be rendered at 4k to avoid significant pixelation.

Conceived as an experience that would allow customers to view and configure an AMG on a display showing the vehicle at life size, development of the Power Wall was a considerable undertaking.  A touch screen tablet mounted on a pedestal in front of a 18 foot video wall allowed users to fully rotate vehicles in real time, customize all exterior options, and explore components of the car including the entire engine down to minuscule detail.

The user control tablet includes hotspots for each major component, and gives the customer the ability to rotate all content to any orientation.

Among the hurdles we overcame were the delivery of a 30Hz 4K signal to the display during the standard’s infancy, the development of a custom lighting tool to allow 3D artists to light each paint variant of the car from any angle, and creation of a proprietary pipeline to ingest  hundreds of gigabytes of German CAD data into the content and rendering engine.

Each component is rendered in full detail, having been constructed from the original engineering CAD files.

Since wrapping up the prototype, the entire AMG lineup has been added to the software. The installation is now live in over 100 AMG dealerships internationally.

The project was the recipient of the 2016 Motionographer Motion award in the UI/Visual Design category, and was nominated in the Best VizSim Project category at the Unite 2016 Unity Awards .