Toys R Us Store of the Future

I was the technology and experience design lead on the prototype Toys R Us Store of the Future installation in Freehold, NJ.  Desiring to increase the appeal of their stores, Toys R Us contracted to build modular experiential  installations for a test store, opened to the public in December 2015.  During the course of development, I led a group of programmers and designers to create the software and hardware necessary to bring the store to life.

The store incorporated a registration kiosk, 10 video displays, 5 projection mapped toy booths, 3 Kinect powered ‘magic mirrors’ and a 360° video theater to create an exciting and engaging experience for visitors.

Following registration the wand with the highest remaining charge lights up for the customer to take.

Each of these experiences could be further controlled by a custom built Android based ‘wishing wand’ signed out and carried around by customers. Tied together by WiFi and Bluetooth for communication and proximity estimation, the wand allowed children to trigger unique interactive events at the various store kiosks.

All in store experiences are tied into the Toys R Us online customer accounts, anonymously associated with the user’s registered wand.

The Wishing Wand  also enabled the automatic generation of wish lists tied to visitor’s accounts when used to scan product barcodes around the store.

The wand includes an integrated barcode scanner to add products to the user’s online wish lists.

Following the grand opening, the Freehold store recorded a substantial increase in sales and online wishlist generation.  Each of our interactive experiences received tens of thousands of customer interactions.

Kinect powered ‘magic mirrors’ allow customers to control Mickey Mouse, Optimus Prime, or Leonardo.
Touch sensitive projection mapped displays allow users to see dynamic animations highlighting each toy.
Multiple devices housed within the wand’s casing act together to enable interaction with the store’s displays.